Words with Wings: Poetry & Prints

New show in the Rose Gallery through February!!


As part of a school wide poetry week, the Rose Gallery hosts artwork by various printmakers dedicated to celebrating the printed word in poetry and artist books.   The Words with Wings exhibit was curated in conjunction with the Upper School’s Poetry Week taking place February 5-9, 2018.  The exhibit showcases various methods of printmaking and artist books.  Most of the imagery contains poetry or written word, including a few broadsides of Billy Collins poems by Carolee Campbell.

There are a variety of student-made books inspired by poems around the back wall in the gallery from Ms. Taylor’s 2D Art class.  There will be an artist reception Thursday February 1 from 5:30-7:00pm where the artists will be available to meet the community.  Much of the professional work is for sale.




This week the Rose Gallery opened a new show, Points of View, a juried exhibition from the artist group California Fibers.

Juried by artist Polly Jacobs Giacchina and gallery curator Jaclyn Enck, the show incorporates current work from over a dozen Southern California artists working in a variety of fiber based medias.


California Fibers, founded in 1970, supports artistic growth and professional advancement for contemporary Southern California fiber artists. The imagination and superb craftsmanship of these artists place them in the highest echelon in their fields. The group has an extensive exhibition history in the USA and abroad. Many of its members are well-represented in museums and private collections and are recipients of prestigious awards from around the world . Their creative expression includes weaving, basketry, sculpture, quilting, embroidery, felting,  surface design, knitting, crochet, wearables and mixed media.

There will be a celebratory artist reception Thursday November 16 from 6-8PM at the gallery.

First Show of the Year.. Faculty and Staff Art on Display Now!

The Faculty & Staff Art Exhibit is now OPEN and ready for your viewing pleasure.

Please stop in anytime during the school day to see all of the incredible, diverse work that has been crafted by Parker visual arts teachers, accountants, english teachers, spanish teachers, JK teachers, and more!  If you are traveling from the Lower School or would like to see the show in the evening or weekend, you can contact jenck@francisparker.org to make arrangements.

The show is up from now until October 20.  The artwork in the exhibit showcases content across a variety of disciplines – you might come explore the implied narratives, storytelling opportunities, or idea of visual poetry.  If nothing else, you’ll gain some insight and appreciation for the creativity and skill of Parker educators.

 We like to hold a Faculty/Staff show every two years not only to highlight the skill and creative work of Parker employees, but also in order to keep us current in our own artistic endeavors.  This show is not to miss.

New Exhibit in the Rose Gallery

Kulvinder Kaur Dhew & Bruce Dehnert


Beginning March 17, Parker’s Rose Gallery will be hosting two new artists,  whose work is traveling all the way from the east coast to our space on campus.

Bruce Dehnert and Kulvinder Kaur Dhew will each showcase a body of work from their collection.



Kulvnder Kaur Dhew and Bruce Dehnert are artists whose work can often reference similar themes using different media. In this exhibition, Dhew’s drawings are a sustained exploration of charcoal on paper and depict elemental, climatic events. She is drawn to the notion of seduction and beauty and how that relates to dynamism.

Bruce Dehnert presents a body of wood-fired ceramics that portray a decorative approach and the use of a kiln to provide a surface that presents the process through which the work has passed. As flames carry ash through the kiln, these elements leave a trace of their path as they go. This is an important aesthetic consideration.

Both artists utilize wood in order to represent and make special. They do this in very different ways. While Dhew comments on climatic change as metaphor, Dehnert is interested in the decorative impulse in order to comment on atmosphere and function.

The exhibition will run from March 17 – April 26, 2017. The artists will be present for an opening reception on Friday March 17, from 3-8pm at the gallery.  Food and refreshments will be served.



For further information, please visit;




YAM – Youth Art Month – is now on display in the Rose Gallery 
The San Diego County Arts Education Association puts on an annual showcase of K-12 student artwork submitted throughout San Diego county.  SDCAEA along with the Rose Gallery, have juried in over 130 pieces to this year be displayed on campus.  There are awards in each category, and many Parker students are represented.  There will be a closing reception and awards ceremony Sunday March 5 from 1pm-2:30pm outside of the Rose Gallery.
yam-kat-haas yam-julie
Participating schools include:
Francis Parker School
Mann Middle School
The Bishops School
Mission Hills High
Vista Grande Elementary
Fallbrook School of the Arts
Del Dios Academy of Arts & Sciences
Mission Bay High School
Chula Vista High School/S.P.C.A.
Torrey Pines High School
Pacific Ridge School
Del Lago Academy
Guajome Park Academy
Vista High School
Kumeyaay Elementary
The Preuss School
Ramona High School
Montgomery High School
 Monte Vista High School
     Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School
*images from L to R are by: Julie Laporte, Kat Haas, & Jimmy Chatfield

If I Call it a Book


We have a fantastic new exhibit on display at the Rose Gallery.  Artworks by over 30 different San Diego Book Arts members fill the space and beg the question, what is a book?  Coordinated by Judith Christensen, the show encompasses a wide range of interpretations and methods for creating a book.  Each piece challenges the viewer to take his or her time in exploring it’s pages, textures, compositions, and intricacies.


artwork by Helen Petre

The artists’ statement:

If I call it a book, does that mean it is a book? What makes it a book—in this case, an artist’s book? Does it need to have pages in order for it to be a book? And, if it requires pages, what, exactly, counts as a “page?” Is a page a piece of paper or cardstock with writing and/or images? What if it is folded or manipulated in some way? Can it be a piece of glass? A board? A box? Some other found object? Also, to be a book, must it have text? Does it need to contain images? Must there be a narrative?

Some have defined an artist’s book as a book that is a work of art, or art in the form of a book. But that begs the “what counts as a book” question. Others define it in terms of the artist’s intention. If the artist calls it an artist’s book, it is.

At its core, the book arts movement is about making books by hand. The works in this exhibit reflect a plurality of contemporary methods and attitudes towards the art of the book. Ultimately, a bookwork is judged by the vision it presents through its content, its physical presence and how the latter interacts with and enriches the content. Each of these artworks shown here binds together ideas, images and structure to present the artist’s unique perspective.

bookarts                    bookarts_1

artwork by Pam Marrett                                                 artwork by Yvonne Perez-Collins

The show will be on display from now until Christmas Break (December 14).  An opening reception will be held on Thursday November 10, from 5-7PM at the gallery.  Food and beverages will be served.  The gallery is open M-F 8am-3pm or by appointment.  Please stop by the front office for a visitor’s pass on your way in.

*Visit the Book Arts website for current events and workshops.

*Many of the pieces in the exhibit are for sale.  A portion of each sale serves as a donation to Parker.  Support the Arts at Parker by supporting our visiting artists.