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If I Call it a Book


We have a fantastic new exhibit on display at the Rose Gallery.  Artworks by over 30 different San Diego Book Arts members fill the space and beg the question, what is a book?  Coordinated by Judith Christensen, the show encompasses a wide range of interpretations and methods for creating a book.  Each piece challenges the viewer to take his or her time in exploring it’s pages, textures, compositions, and intricacies.


artwork by Helen Petre

The artists’ statement:

If I call it a book, does that mean it is a book? What makes it a book—in this case, an artist’s book? Does it need to have pages in order for it to be a book? And, if it requires pages, what, exactly, counts as a “page?” Is a page a piece of paper or cardstock with writing and/or images? What if it is folded or manipulated in some way? Can it be a piece of glass? A board? A box? Some other found object? Also, to be a book, must it have text? Does it need to contain images? Must there be a narrative?

Some have defined an artist’s book as a book that is a work of art, or art in the form of a book. But that begs the “what counts as a book” question. Others define it in terms of the artist’s intention. If the artist calls it an artist’s book, it is.

At its core, the book arts movement is about making books by hand. The works in this exhibit reflect a plurality of contemporary methods and attitudes towards the art of the book. Ultimately, a bookwork is judged by the vision it presents through its content, its physical presence and how the latter interacts with and enriches the content. Each of these artworks shown here binds together ideas, images and structure to present the artist’s unique perspective.

bookarts                    bookarts_1

artwork by Pam Marrett                                                 artwork by Yvonne Perez-Collins

The show will be on display from now until Christmas Break (December 14).  An opening reception will be held on Thursday November 10, from 5-7PM at the gallery.  Food and beverages will be served.  The gallery is open M-F 8am-3pm or by appointment.  Please stop by the front office for a visitor’s pass on your way in.

*Visit the Book Arts website for current events and workshops.

*Many of the pieces in the exhibit are for sale.  A portion of each sale serves as a donation to Parker.  Support the Arts at Parker by supporting our visiting artists.