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New Exhibit in the Rose Gallery

Kulvinder Kaur Dhew & Bruce Dehnert


Beginning March 17, Parker’s Rose Gallery will be hosting two new artists,  whose work is traveling all the way from the east coast to our space on campus.

Bruce Dehnert and Kulvinder Kaur Dhew will each showcase a body of work from their collection.



Kulvnder Kaur Dhew and Bruce Dehnert are artists whose work can often reference similar themes using different media. In this exhibition, Dhew’s drawings are a sustained exploration of charcoal on paper and depict elemental, climatic events. She is drawn to the notion of seduction and beauty and how that relates to dynamism.

Bruce Dehnert presents a body of wood-fired ceramics that portray a decorative approach and the use of a kiln to provide a surface that presents the process through which the work has passed. As flames carry ash through the kiln, these elements leave a trace of their path as they go. This is an important aesthetic consideration.

Both artists utilize wood in order to represent and make special. They do this in very different ways. While Dhew comments on climatic change as metaphor, Dehnert is interested in the decorative impulse in order to comment on atmosphere and function.

The exhibition will run from March 17 – April 26, 2017. The artists will be present for an opening reception on Friday March 17, from 3-8pm at the gallery.  Food and refreshments will be served.



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