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Words Imagined: New Exhibit Featuring 4 Local Artists

The Words Imagined exhibit opened today in the Rose Art Gallery! Brought to Parker by four local artists, the artwork in Words Imagined is centered around the interpretation of 10 distinct words.

The show is on display from now until Winter Break, with an opening reception on Thursday November 7, from 5-7PM.


Peggy Wiedemann, Polly Jacobs Giacchina, Don Weeke, and Johanna Hansen have curated an artist group that is intended to provoke and inspire art making, critique, and discussion. In practice, the four artists agree on a single word, and then part ways to produce a piece within each artist’s scope of materials and aesthetic. This is the first time that all 40 objects have been brought together into one space.

Each individual piece is brimming with visual information and intricacy. Viewers can walk the room and experience each of these objects singularly and also view the interpretations within the context of the group. How valuable it is to experience the divergence and simultaneous overlap in a group’s consciousness and material translation! Check it out.